Your Voice

I recently watched a movie and drew some very interesting concepts from it along with being inspired.

As a result, I present the following to you, maybe you will be able to relate or draw some inspiration as well!

  1. Trust in those around you. Even though failure and disappointment will take place – trust will bring you to a place of much deeper personal discovery!


  1. Find your voice


  1. Have something to say


  1. Know your story


  1. Tell your story


  1. Be honest- honesty connects with individuals

 For me I can honestly say the points above all come down to “PURPOSE” – recognizing and living out one’s purpose in life is what I believe and trust that my; voice, words, story, actions, and authenticity reflect!

I plan on continuing to practice refining my voice. I would love to give you some “voice lessons” if you would like! -hahaha

Sal Ferlise

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