All of ministry makers training opportunities are provided at no cost but we do provide suggested donation amount to cover the cost of the time and material required to walk alongside an individual or organization.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.45.50 AMministry makers pocket size training guide

Suggested donation amounts are as follows:

Brief Overview $300.00.                                                                               includes up to 4 training booklets

Multiple Comprehensive Sessions $900.00-$1500.00.                            includes up to 4 training booklets 

Season of Training and Consulting $3000.00-$6000.00.                         includes up to 4 training booklets

Consulting services $125.00 per hour

Training booklet $25.00                                                                               includes shipping and handling

Annual Conference $500.00

Association Membership $500.00 annual investment


Please note we do offer scholarship funds on an as-needed basis to cover the full or partial cost of all training. This is made possible by the generous support of donors who care about seeing individuals and organizations lead well!

Interested in helping to underwrite the cost of this game-changing training for an individual or ministry organization please consider any donation amount.